I have been working as a translator/interpreter for over 25 years in companies from all major industries, mainly in marketing and legal departments.

I became a full time freelance translator in 2007, having gained sound experience and developed skills in the translation of legal documents.

I now specialize in legal and financial translations, offering my services to a wide range of clients, from major law firms to asset management firms, to academic community. I translate legal documents and court proceedings, working closely with professionals, delivering timely quality service, confidentiality and tailored collaboration.
In addition to document translations, I offer interpreting and assistance to my clients during negotiations at their office or at hearings.

I am used to working under pressure, meeting tight deadlines and handling large volumes, while keeping a constant focus on quality.


The translation profession is not limited to excellent language skills and expertise in the subjects and documents being translated. In my opinion, a truly professional translator should be highly sensitive to his/her client’s needs, thus becoming an efficient and indispensable collaborator.


A professional translator:

  • is able to develop a close and trustworthy business relationships with clients
  • offers full availability
  • communicates timely and accurate information
  • guarantees language consistency, building a custom-made glossary for each client
  • provides confidential treatment in the processing and handling of personal data and texts
  • meets deadlines, even more so when a translation job is particularly urgent
  • carries out accurate, in-depth research