When back in 2007, aged 42, I decided to work as a freelance translator in the legal sector, I was convinced that well-established work experience and mental eclecticism would pave the way to a rapid and easy career as a successful professional.

I was wrong: the knowledge acquired through translating contracts or corporate documents over the years was very limited compared to the vastness of the legal sector and its various branches, of common law and civil law.

And yet, law has nurtured my passion and respect for its social, historic, philosophic and economic importance, and for its strong logical approach to dealing with and governing all human activities.


What is a Sworn Translation?

A “sworn translation” or “certified translation” – is a declaration made by the translator before a court, where he/she certifies conformity of the translation to the original document. This type of translation is usually required for certificates, educational qualifications, corporate documents, notary deeds and whenever a translation requires to be legal and official.

The translator takes civil and penal responsibility for what has been translated.

Court of Milan requires that declaration be attached to the original document and to the document translated to form one single document. A €16,00 revenue stamp is placed on every 4 pages of the translated document, including the sworn statement form (and in any event every 100 lines).

In some cases, as provided for by the law, revenue stamps are not required for the translation of documents such as: adoptions, applications for grants, separation or divorce petitions, work-related and welfare lawsuits, etc.. The law criteria governing the exemption will be written on the deed.

What is a Legalized Translation?

Legalization is the next step forward after asseveration, and consists in the official certification at the international level of documents to be used abroad. Legalization certifies the legal status of the clerk of the court responsible for signing a document and the validity of his/her signature.

The Prefecture – Territorial Government Office certifies signatures on deeds and documents produced in Italy to make them valid for use abroad.


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